Drunken Conversations

it’s 4 in the morning and i can’t sleep because i had one too many coke and liquour drinks. as an homage to Ewan McGregor, after running out of rum we mixed coke and MacGregor’s scotch whiskey. a toast to Ewan. anyways, usually alcohol soothes me and i get sleepy drunk. but it was all the coke that’s keeping me wide awake. damn caffeine. the worst of all drugs. you know what’s kickass to watch? a surfing video set to some rolling tunes. that is some mesmerizing stuff. shit, i could watch that for hours. Rob Machado is the bomb. does anyone remember when you’d drink Hawaiian Punch and it turn your shit red? that thought came up today. remember that red #40 stuff, made from poisonous beetle shells or something. and then they banned it. the stuff processed food is made out of. no wonder we’re all dying of cancer and whatnot. but i sure love cherry Slurpees, red gummy bears, red hots, cherry lifesavers. cuz red psychologically makes you hungry. mmmmm….red food. gimme some ‘o that red food. dammit. my body is tired but my eyes aren’t. i want to sleep. but also don’t want to cuz last night i had some scary ass dreams. all because i saw the angel of death cross the street in huntington beach. my dreams were all fucking graphic with people falling down stairs and breaking their necks and little girls self-mutilating themselves and drowning in the sea. sick, isn’t it. i scared myself. i’m afraid to close my eyes. i think i’ll wait for the sun to rise. maybe drive down to the beach. bye.


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