Dreaming of an Ex-boyfriend

I’ve been in a sappy kind of mood lately. I cried when Firestone proposed to Jen. It was cute how he was nervous and all fumbling and how she grabbed for the ring herself but stopped to let him put it on. It must be nice to have Harry Winston wrapped around your finger. Who ever would have thought I’d get so sentimental or so girlishly into diamonds. No, I must fight the power.

A sappy kind of mood.

Then last night I had a dream of an ex-boyfriend. In the dream I was recovering from war wounds or something, think Pearl Harbor, and he was there aiding me back to health with cold compresses and soup. He was there to take care of me. He loved me. But he wasn’t IN love with me. He was in love with someone else. Which would make sense because in reality I went to his wedding. Yeah, I was that poor sap that everyone kind of looked at and shrugged. But that’s an entirely different story. Anyways, he pitied the poor, pathetic, flighty creature before him. “What are you running from? What are you searching for?”, he thought aloud. “You’re only going to end up hurt and alone. And who’s going to take care of you then. I can’t always be here to pick up the pieces.” How sad is that? You know Julia Roberts’ character in My Best Friend’s Wedding? Yeah, I feel like her right now. I need to take applications for a new best friend. A call for submissions. I postulate that Carrick Moore Gerety need apply. Yes, cuz he has great feet moves.

A sappy kind of mood.


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