An Unwanted Housemate

You want to hear something fucking scary? I think there is someone living in my attic. And it’s not like they’re paying rent. I started putting two and two together when it all started at the beginning of this week.

I started to hear “shifting” in the attic. I attributed it to the warm weather expanding the wood in the house or something. It happened once on Monday. Then it happened again on Wednesday. Then on Thursday while I’m on the CPU I hear a thud from the window along the likes of a newspaper being delivered. But I know we don’t get the daily paper. We only get the weekend edition. I look outside…nothing. Then I go to open the window in my room and the fucking screen on my window is gone. I still think nothing of it and just figure it has fallen off or something. So, I go outside and look for it. Nothing. It’s nowhere in sight. Weird.

Then while taking a shower I have this weird thought. The attic. I know I get carried away by my imagination sometimes. Okay, a lot of times. But, I just got a weird feeling. Then from a missing screen I concluded that their was someone living in our attic. I convinced everyone of it. By the power of persuasion everyone else starting to hear things. My mom heard the attic door open and shut. Then 10 minutes later. I was watching the telly in the living room when I heard tiptoeing through dried leaves outside in the backyard. What the hell does someone do in a situation like that? Grab the biggest fucking knife, gun, mace and flashlight that you have and wait. I didn’t want to peek through the blinds with the chance that there might be someone looking back. Ewww. Can you say chills?

Violated. Vulnerable. The unknown. Lack of control. It’s scary. We were in a lockdown. We considered calling 911. But on the accounts of what? A missing window screen. I can hear the laughter. After an uneventful while, everything and everyone settled and we convinced ourselves maybe it was the wind, a cat outside, or just our imagination. But, the possibility of having to fight for my life, to possibly have to hurt or kill someone in defense has left me unsettled. We’re calling the sheriff tomorrow to have them check on things and keep their eyes peeled.

Scary, huh? My life should be a television show. I swear if anyone I know has set me up for a hidden camera show I’m going to kick your ass. Badly.


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