Today is Left-Handed Day

I want to be ambidextrous.

Research has shown most people have a dominant side of the brain. Individuals who are predominately left sided tend to be more verbal, analytical, and problem solvers; while individuals who are predominately right sided tend to be artsy, good with math, and are more visual in nature.

I’m going to try to develop my left hand so that I can be ambidextrous. Also, trying to develop my entire left side so in turn the right hemisphere of my brain will develop and I’ll be a more balanced person. This morning I ate my oatmeal and strawberries with my left hand. Then I tried to brush my teeth. That was not so easy.

I”m gonna go to Trader Joe’s now. I want to make some seafood paella. But that sounds too ambitous for right now cuz I’m kinda hungry. So, maybe I’ll get some veggie corndogs. Those dogs are soooo good.

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