Happy Momma’s Day

During the past couple days:
1. i saw this girl at the gym, took notice of her hair cuz she had these cool streaks and then forgot about it. and then the next night met up with Tricia and her friend at Vine and her friend turns out to be the same girl with the cool hair at the gym. what a small ass world. between the four of us we split two fondues. one roasted garlic cheese fondue with bread and veggies and one milk chocolate fondue with pound cake, brownies, strawberries, apples and more. it was yummy and we got some free Blur stuff. what a night.
2. attempted a hip hop class at CSULB with Tricia, not so successfully but it was fun. if you’re ever lucky enough to be around me when either the new 50 Cent song or Busta Rhymes duet with Mariah Carey comes on I’ll show you my moves. haha. cuz “i’ve got moves you’ve never seen” before. quick…what movie?
2. then Trish and I witnessed a car accident right before our eyes involving a Roto-Rooter van. we believe the woman driving the SUV who crashed into the van head-on was probably on her cellphone. the sound a car makes right before impact is hella scary.
3. i finished the Aids Walk of Greater Long Beach with Kristi and Tricia as the Volcano Girls, raised a whopping $21 dollars, saw my high school chemistry teacher, got two new chapsticks courtesy of Rite-Aid, enjoyed a nice stroll through Shoreline and even woke up before noon on a Saturday.
4. the walk was just a warm up for a night of dancing. Angela and I were on the list for Club Bang cuz Angela knows the DJ. and it was so much fun. lots of great songs. i got hit on by this cute indie girl who gave me some line about how her girlfriend doesn’t like to dance. flattered i was. but i was checking out the indie rock BOYS. as skinny as most of them were. then we had our brush with American Idol sensation Ryan Starr. actually, her and her clone both dressed in Ryan Starr-ish outfits seemed to be following Angela and I wherever we went. first the mod room, then the big britpop indie room, the techno room and back to the mod room. and always found ourselves dancing right next to them. i witnessed this yucky, balding guy trying to get all up on Ryan and she did the whole diva “nuh-uh” get out of my way, i’m only here to dance thing. it was cool. and then later, as my luck would have it, the same exact guy tried to get all up on me from behind. and i was like “nuh-uh, i ain’t having any of this.” no, not really. i don’t quite have the diva thing down yet. but i did elbow him in the stomach. and angela swung me out of his grasps. teamwork. yeah, but other than that we had a blast and danced until our feet and legs ached.


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