Rejection is usually a bitch but today it was welcomed relief

i finally received THE envelope from UCLA. it was the small one. rejected. but i’m okay. i just needed to know. i’m a little disappointed because i wasn’t good enough for them (i hate to lose more than anything in the world) yet there is this newfound excitement because of the realization that my life was about to take me in a different direction.

things happen for a reason. i am completely sure of it. my fate has been sealed. i’m headed for New York next June. i deferred a year. and this summer with or without the internship i’m headed for Bangkok, Thailand.

i feel good. i feel relieved. i feel like conquering the world.

tonight i’m seeing The Postal Service at The Palace. what a great start to my Tree of Life month.

i caught the last half of Alias and DAMN it was sooo good. this is big news cuz i usually don’t follow the show. people just rave about it. and i do love Michael Vartan. but i just never found myself near a tv on Sundays. but anyways, it was so good that during the roommate fight scene i was up and fighting alongside Sydney. “C’mon Syd, roundhouse, left-side punch. Watch out. The gun. Sydney, get the gun.” and such a cliffhanger. 2 years pass. and Michael married. and what about her Dad. and Will didn’t die. i can’t wait. i need to know. what is she doing in Hong Kong? arghhh. i hate season finales.

i remember that when i was a kid i wanted to be a spy, central intelligence agent, undercover investigator. i really wanted to work for the CIA and FBI. and then someone told me that they were bad people. so, i was still set on being a spy, just not for the CIA or FBI. i would work for an underground organization so secretive that i wouldn’t even know that i’m working for them. like i am right now. whatever you do. don’t say a word. take it to the grave.

it was a night of television. i also caught the unmemorable movie “Down to You” with Freddie Prinze Jr. and Julia Stiles. unmemorable because i had seen it before and it was like watching it for the first time but not. and i still didn’t like it. and while channel surfing i stumbled upon E! True Hollywood Stories on the Hilton Sisters. man, how i wish i was an heiress to some great empire or a covert operations spy.


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