East Coast Girl Stuck In a West Coast Girl’s Body

home bittersweet home. after a ten day whirlwind in the Big Apple i’m back at home. i love home but i also love New York. New York is the biggest love affair that i’ve ever had. it’s only the city i dreamt of living in since i was a pre-teen. i love the hustle-bustle of the four seasons, the seven days, and the twenty-four hours. i love the richness of the culture, the variety of the people and the depth of the history. and just when i was mastering subway riding, wearing the piss-off look effortlessly, using my legs as my main form of transportation, walking at the speed of light and expending every last ounce of my stored energy every day that i fell into a deep sleep every night. that is when i felt alive because i was living. here at home, sometimes i find myself falling into the comfort zone of things and i feel like i’m withering away. and i don’t want to wither away. so, you’ll know where i’ll be if you can’t find me at my current address.

so, a brief recap of the rest of the trip.
Thursday, April 17th
we trekked on the coldest day of our journey in light drizzle to the United Nations. i was getting sick so i was having a hard time walking and breathing in the cold. we took the tour and sat in those rooms you see on t.v. where all the countries diplomatically come together and talk about things not including war. i was skeptical but it was great to see the history of it all. i think i want to be a peace-keeper. from there we walked to the Empire State Building. by the time we got there i was a popsicle and almost coughed up a lung. i decided that $10 was too much for an elevator ride to see the view of the city on such a dreary day for acrophobic like me. i tried to talk Tricia into seeing it since she was already there but she didn’t want to go by herself. so, we left for Broadway instead. we tried to get rush tickets for La Boheme but they went super fast. so, we called Charisse up (who should have been home and writing a paper) and she met up with us at Toys ‘R Us and we went where else but the best store in the State of New York…H&M. the Ikea of clothing. i think we went to every single branch in the NYC area plus the one in Syracuse. no tax on clothing in NYC. isn’t that the best thing you’ve ever heard of. it’s a good thing they don’t have one on the West Coast or i could do some serious damage.

Friday, April 18th
musuem day. we did the Met and the Guggenheim in one day. a bit overwhelming. i was still sick and coughing all over the artworks. sorry Chagall, Matisse, Manet/Velasquez, Picasso. i didn’t mean to germify your masterpieces. and then we had lunch with Tricia’s friend, Serena. she took us to two other H&M’s. more damage done.

Saturday, April 19th
a lovely, lovely day for a stroll in Central Park. we filmed a new segment for the Charisse chronicles entitled “Charisse Crossing the River”. it was a long shoot. we found the John Lennon memorial in Strawberry Fields but hunger overcame us while looking for Belvedere Castle. so, we went hunting for food instead. we found a Japanese fast food place called Teriyaki Boy. it was pretty good for fast food and cheap for New York prices. then, miraculously we found ourselves in another H&M. i don’t remember how we got there. but this time, all i bought were sunglasses. we were late to the Postal Service show at the Bowery Ballroom because the J train decided it needed to be fixed right where we had to transfer to. so, we ran in the middle of Ben and Jenny’s duet. yep, Jenny Lewis was there in the flesh and i was a foot away from her. Jenny is my hero. it was a great show. there is a May 5th show at the Echo if anyone is interested. trust me, it’ll be the best show you’ll see this year. so, buy your ticket at TicketWeb today. we then walked around Chinatown looking for a FDNY shirt for Tricia’s brother. we found one and headed home. then we packed and slept for two hours before the car service was waiting for us outside. we said our good-byes to Charisse and to the city in the wee hours of barely-lit morning and headed home to California. but first we had to stop in Texas. and then we went home.


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