I Heart NY

yesterday we spent the entire day in the Lower East Side and on Staten Island. the question if we willingly did that, no one will ever know. we know those places backwards and fowards. when we got home, we were pooped. oh, “IT” award for asshole bus driver of the universe goes to the bus driver on Staten Island who stranded us on the southernmost part of the island. he also almost ran over some pedestrians, honked at unoccupied vehicles, and took off before people were securely on the bus. asshole. get a new job.

today it was “island” themed, we went to Coney Island and then we went to the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island. we saw this sculpture that used to be inside the World Trade Center but was damaged on September 11th. they have it outside in Battery Park as a monument with a lit flame in rememberance to all the people who died that fateful day. it was warm out today. about 88 degrees and i got sunburned. and tomorrow it’s supposed to be 43 degrees. what a difference a day makes. we went to NYU and ate Cal-Mex food at Harry’s Burritos. i had a spinach/feta quesadilla. it was quite good. i pretended i was a NYU student. it was fun. have i said that i love this city. i want to live here. for a little while at least. we were going to try to get rush tickets for La Boheme tonight but it was already too late. plus, it had started to rain.

i think i’m going to pretend to be a Columbia student tomorrow. hang out at Central Park and the Met, grab a frozen hot chocolate at Serendipity’s, maybe cruise by the United Nations, as much of a joke it is right now, and ride the Empire State Building elevator. sound good?

Currently Watching: NYC’s Weather Channel


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