Syracuse or Bust

so, i just got back from a 5 hour bus ride from Syracuse, New York. which also took us to Utica, New York, Albany, New York, and Paramus, New Jersey and through the Lincoln Tunnel. and we had the best damn bus driver we’ve ever had in our entire lives. he was a cute, rounded, jolly man who chuckled. and i don’t know too many people who actually “chuckle”. he receives the “IT” award for best damn bus driver of the year. he was punctual, drove efficiently fast, smiled, wasn’t late, joked, showed a movie on the bus, and made sure everyone got their lunches when we stopped at McDonald’s before taking off.

in Syracuse, we got lost many a times and missed many a buses because of the unreliable public transpo system. but eventually we made it to our destinations, even if we were long overdue. i even missed the entire Preview Day at the university because we were late. but later we had really nice Syracuseans show us around. we stayed with Sammy, who gets an “IT” award for best host of the year. he let us crash at his place, gave us the inside-out-heads-up tour of the school and the of the town and even let us hang out with his friends. wow.

the campus is architecturally beautiful. everything an east coast school should be. the city itself is kind of…desolate. there is not much to do out there in good ‘ole Syracuse. there’s Marshall St. like any adjacent college street, the Carousel Center aka the mall which everyone in the entire town hangs out at, and Armory Square, the Irish pub capital of the world. which i have stories to tell about. let me just say i had one glass of, i believe it was, woodchuck cider and i was left chucking the night away until there was nothing left to chuck. it hurt in places that i didn’t know could hurt. and i vowed never to drink again. also, it’s really cold up there. but the locals thought it was pretty warm. we got funny looks for wearing big jackets, beanies and scarves. the verdict: at first with all the bad signs i was leading towards a “no” to Syracuse but after walking around and meeting such wonderful people and falling in love with the campus i’m now back to where i started from. not quite “no” and not quite “yes”. hmmmm. but it could possibly be a yes and that is more than what i started out with.

we’re now back in Astoria, Queens and crashing at Charisse’s house who is this year’s “IT” award winner for best hostess with the mostess. honorable mention goes to her boyfriend Rob, who is playing tour guide/chef during our stay. Charisse even got out the good china for us. thanks Charisse for adopting us for a good week. i think we like it here. we might not go home.

we got a quick peek at Times Square tonight. just a quickie with some honey roasted almonds “to-go”. but we had bags with us so we didn’t want to trek too far. that’s when we had decided to go back “home”. Charisse’s home that is. and on our way we missed our stop. we took the R train to the very last stop until they kicked us off. we weren’t suppose to go that far. so, we had to take another back. but now we’re “home” and we can’t sleep because we’ve adjusted so well to sleeping in tight, cramp, upright positions that we don’t know what to do with all this space. tomorrow awaits another adventure.

the “IT” Awards are awards given by Isabella and Tricia to whomever they deem worthy of receiving such an honor for whatever reasons. and let me tell you what an honor it is…cuz we don’t like too many people.


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