Moment of Silence at Ground Zero

my feet ache. it was a beautiful day today. a little chilly but clear and sunny. we ventured downtown today. took a peek at Ground Zero and got sad. it made it so real. then walked halfway across the Brooklyn Bridge and got lazy so turned back. then we ventured up to Chinatown and had Japanese food for lunch. and we bought a bunch of “I Love NY” stuff for real cheap. then we found a Paul Frank store in Little Italy and i got to practice some of my Italian. ciao, come estai? buon giorno. then we spent a really long time in the largest Toys ‘R Us store in the world, took cheesy pictures and played with toys. we soaked up Times Square a little bit more thoroughly and then we walked some more to Rockefellar Center and watched people ice-skate cuz it’s damn expensive here. plus, it was freezing cold. then we took a picture in front of Dean and Deluca and found a McDonald’s to eat at figuring it would be cheapest. wrong. the McDonald’s in Times Square is almost double of what it is in Albany, New York and California. then we headed home cuz we were pooped. nobody got an “IT” award today. oh, wait. an “IT” award for most bitter McDonald’s worker on Earth goes to the cashier in Times Square who took my and Tricia’s orders. congratulations.

Currently Watching: Coldplay on Conan ‘O Brien.

good night.


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