NY here I come!

hell yeah!!! i’m going to be on a fucking plane to New York next thursday for 11 days split between syracuse and nyc. woohoo. am i excited or what. i’ve always wanted to go. now i am. crossing it off the “list”.

i think my form of escapism today mirrors the reality that surrounded me when fear and hatred didn’t exist in my small world. i focus on the trivial. small things that make my small world go round. things of not much importance on the greater scale of things. it scares me sometimes how distant and unattached i can get. how i can push away reality and live in a fantasyland. how one day i can be fighting for a cause and the next fighting against it. i run in circles. i run against the grain. i don’t know what the hell i’m doing. wake up and smell the green tea (beverage of choice). look around you. breathe. feel. examine. question. always question.

take public transportation. it’s good for the Earth. and Earth Day is April 22nd. but let’s not try to redeem ourselves one day out of the entire fucking year. do it today. i’m stepping down now.


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