to the left is my hottie of the month. his name is Ben Nipit Hange, i think. he’s half Thai and half German i believe. when i was in Thailand, i got hooked to this one television series he was on. it was called Dao Long Fah Phupha Si Ngern, translated it means Fallen Star, Silver Mountains, or something of the like. he was super adorable on the show. but he’s super hot in this photo. i guess he models too. i don’t have much else on him.

i definitely crush way too easily. sometimes it’s all in the shoes one wears or the way one moves one’s feet while rocking out. but i do believe crushes are what makes the world go round. why else did i show up for my 8:00am american studies lecture? heck, why did i actually finish boring old high school? why do i go to certain shows just in case a certain famous boy shows up? it’s all innocent fun. yeah, until someone gets hurt. just kidding. crushes are instant fun and in some cases great motivation to do things you’d otherwise not do. so, let the crushing begin.

1. this cute boy who walks his cute dog past my house around 6:30pm every now and then.
2. Jake Gyllenhaal for having a one of the most intense pair of eyes i’ve ever had a moment with.
3. that one boy dancer from Gap ads couple seasons ago.
4. Alex Greenwald of Phantom Planet for being the ham that he is with awesome feet moves.
5. Carrick Moore Gerety from Everybody Else for moving his feet like Alex when performing.
6. Gael Garcia Bernal for speaking Spanish and having at least one love scene in all of his movies.
7. Jamie Oliver of Oliver’s Twist formerly The Naked Chef for his passion for cooking bare-handed and speaking with a tiny lisp.
8. Drew Barrymore for being herself.
9. this guy i met on the set of Spiderman, who wrote amazing spoken word poetry, who’s number i lost. i’m lame, i know.
10. Christopher Ashton Kutcher, i was a fan long before anyone knew who he was, since he was on some model search show on E.
11. the incredible cute and talented Norweigan Sondre Lerche even though he’s like 4 years younger than me.
12. the checkout boy who stands at the door of Wal-Mart saying good-bye to customers. usually it’s an old man doing it.
13. that one boy who haunted my dreams and memories for many years.
14. the British backpacker i crossed paths with on the back of a pickup in Krabi, Thailand.

i could go on…but no…that would take an eternity.

i don’t know if it’s a sign or whatnot…but today i saw like shirts or hats that said something about New York. NYPD, NYU Basketball, I love NY, New York Basics. it was really weird.

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