Audition Time

i am so poor. i need money. i think i’m going to sell my soul to the devil.

i went on another audition today. it was a K-Swiss shoe commercial. the casting notice i got said age range 18-23 but when we got there they were saying 16-20, with an emphasis on 16. since we already drove out to the Bel Age Hotel we thought we’d just go ahead and audition anyways. one of the skills they strongly suggested we have or else not bother auditioning was digital dexterity. what?!!! i was wondering the same thing. it means, just being coordinated enough with your hands to twirl a shoe around. i used my shoe as a baton. a lot of people came out for this one and most were 23 and over. at least this one wasn’t as awkward as the Hyundai audition. then we went and had lunch at Sushi Mac across from the Beverly Center. everything is $2.50. what a deal. it wasn’t the most fantastic sushi but it was pretty okay for cheap sushi. it can’t compare to Sushi of Naples. but then again nothing can compare to Sushi of Naples. well, in my books that is.

my sister and i finally found The Sims for Gamecube at Toys ‘R Us. we’ve been looking for it all over town since monday. now, we’ve created virtual versions of ourselves and are prepared to not leave the house for the next month or so. don’t bother us. we’re playing. Mary: you have to get this game.

i’ve decided to take a trip to New York to check out Syracuse before i make my decision. i think i’ll be taking off around April 10th for a week or so. if anyone has free time and wants to join me than let me know. we can see the Big Apple together.


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