Rollerskating Hurts as a Grown-up

i went rollerskating at the park today, for the first time in a long time, and my shins were in major pain. all that lactic acid, i suppose. i guess i haven’t used that part of my leg in ages. i used to rollerskate almost everyday as a kid, skating backwards, jumping obstacles, one-legged spins. man, i am getting old and i’m trying to resist the inevitable. i guess i’ve developed the sensibility and fear that comes with growing up. and that fear and sensibility is what makes you cringe when rolling down a hill at super speeds. and that cringing tenses up your muscles and causes the lactic acid to build up. and that is why my muscles burn like so.

it’s like when i went rock climbing once. i was so freakin scared cuz i’m deathly afraid of heights. oh, that reminds me…have you ever heard of the folklore that says the phobias we have are a result of how we died in our past lives. i was convinced that i was put into a small box, loaded onto a plane and dropped into the middle of the ocean. hence, i have an intense fear of small, enclosed spaces, airplanes, heights, and the ocean. although my fear of airplanes and the ocean has lessen due to the time spent crossing in and over the big bodies of waters during my stay in Thailand. anyway, rock climbing was scary and my arms hurt for days afterwards. but it was surely satisfying knowing that i could do it. if only it didn’t hurt so much.


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