$2500 Co-payment

i was reading stuff on the computer when my dad comes over and stands next to the fish tank and declares that he wants to “pet” the fish. so he sticks his fingers into the water and tries to pet the mutant goldfishes. lol. my dad. i love him to pieces. he is my inspiration.

i don’t feel like recapturing the crazy mad day i had on monday. but it was hectic. and i did some serious damage with a credit card, a $15 dollar gift certificate to Amoeba Records and a little bit of free time. see, i compensated for the gift certificate by buying 6 additional cd’s. i was only suppose to go in, buy 1 cd with the gift certificate and leave without having spent any money that i didn’t have. ooops. it’s a love/hate thing i have with Amoeba.

here in no partiular order are my newest musical selections:
1. the go-betweens – “bright yellows, bright orange”
2. the aislers set – “how i learned to write backwards”
3. call and response – ST
4. the apples in stereo – “velocity of sound”
5. the sea and cake – “one bedroom”
6. the shins – “oh, inverted world”
7. the postal service – “give up”

ooohh!! we saw James Iha of Smashing Pumpkins (the soundtrack to my adolescent angst years) outside of the Troubadour at the Swedish Music Showcase Monday night. that was a blast to the past. it’s always so much fun to see people who were partly responsible in defining years of your life, in person. i wanted to thank him or something. it was like when i worked with Ricky Luna of the Mickey Mouse Club on Boston Public. he was my first big celebrity crush and meeting him in person was so surreal. i use to dream about going to florida to audition and be on the show with him. it was like i was 10 years old again. like he stepped out of my past and landed in my present life. it was really weird.

Currently Eating: Puntinis, “uncommonly delicious tender, fruit flavored jujubes” imported from italy. i needed to buy an emergency sugar stash to keep with me at all times to control my blood sugar level. so, i picked these up at Trader Joe’s.

i canceled my CAT scan appointment today. the office called me and asked if i knew how to use my insurance. she said that i would have to pay $2500 out of pocket expenses. ha! yeah, i can go out and pick off money bags from my money tree in my money orchard out back. i called the insurance people and they weren’t helpful either. plus, i really didn’t want to be exposed to unnecessary radiation. according to health officials, “CT scans provide low levels of ionizing radiation which has the potential to cause cancer and heritable defects”. blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.

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