Furthering My Education

“it’s raining. it’s pouring. the old man is snoring. he went to bed with a bump on his head and couldn’t get up in the morning.” this is how i remember the nursery rhyme. but i tend to make up stuff in my head that later becomes concrete history. is it right?

so, last night i couldn’t sleep from the excessive sugar and caffeine running through my bloodstream. and i got to thinking what would i do say if i got into everything i applied to. what would be the best choice. and that’s when i decided to see how much grad school would cost.

USC – $948 per credit; $18,272 a year.
Syracuse – $686 per credit; $12,348 a year. 1 year program.
UCLA – $5,973 a year.
Emerson – $660 per credit. 1.5-2 year program. which i have yet to apply to.
ABC Program – they would pay me and i would make invaluable contacts.

hmmm? decisions, decisions. the last big decision i made was whether to have my green tea hot or cold. crap. shall i toss a coin into the air. but this is only if i get into more than one program. so no worries yet.

Pros and Cons: i would like to live in New York or Boston for a year or two. but L.A. is the scene to be in for entertainment. the Syracuse and Emerson programs are a year long. Usc and Ucla are about 2 years. some of the schools allow deferment up to a year. so maybe if i get the abc thing i could work there and then defer schooling at whatever school lets me. hmmm. enough dissecting. i’m going to go play some video games.

i went to the Guppy Teahouse and ordered honey green tea and Tricia had the passion tea and we split this huge shaved ice thing that was smothered in condensed sweet milk, vanilla ice cream, strawberries and mangos. i could have gone for more strawberries and mangos and less on the sweet stuff. the honey green tea was more like honey with an accent of green tea. i kept asking for more hot water to dilute the damn speed drink. i’m all hyped up now from all the sugar. and my tummy hurts. i’m gonna go dance in my room now.


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