I heart Sondre Lerche

riding the crimson wave. ugh!! hormones galore. be forewarned, stay out of my path of destruction. i love being a girl. we get so many excuses to behave badly. haha.

so remember when i was talking about the lovable Sondre Lerche. well, guess who was at the Ed Harcourt show last night. yep, my dear Sondre. what a coincidence, eh? he was sitting at the table next to ours but left early so i didn’t get a chance to bombard him once again. which i had done the previous night. which i wanted to apologize for. it was probably a good thing, for his own sake, sanity, and safety.

humming: “catch a falling star and put it in your pocket.” – Block

hey, if all Norweigan boys are like Sondre Lerche, then i am on the next plane to Oslo.

my friend warned me that i would be smitten. and boy was i smitten. not just another boy and his guitar. he’s a charismatically adorable boy with a guitar who knows how to make a jaded audience chuckle while rocking out to refreshing songwriting and emotional crooning. so, if anyone in Norway knows Sondre, tell him someone in California loves him.

after Sondre, Nada Surf couldn’t compare. they lacked the charisma that encapsulated Sondre. they did play “Inside of Love” and that was the highlight of the show. their sound ranges a lot more than i’d like. so, i enjoyed about half of their setlist. the lead singer has a beautiful voice when he utilizes it. meaning the songs with strong, mellow vocals and less raging guitar. but otherwise, the night was enjoyable. tonight, Ed Harcourt at Largo. another boy and his guitar. let’s see if he can compare.


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