Getting Fit

i wish i could be on my way to Trunk Bay, St. John, U.S. Virgin Islands. i’m looking at the month of March. turning the calendar over to a new month. a mental vacation. that sounds like i’m freaking crazy, doesn’t it? maybe i am. i probably am. but i meant a vacation by daydream.

my goldfishes are huge. and i think they’re going on 4 or 5 years. these are those feeder fish that they sell at the pet store 20 for $1. the kind they give away at carnivals. yeah, they aren’t supposed to live beyond a couple of weeks. i call ’em my mutant acrobatic pet goldfishes. they should get their own saturday morning cartoon.

so, by the advisement of the doctor i’m trying to drink a lot of water, eat regularly and get some damn exercise. the lazy butt that i am. so this morning i was up at 7:30am had wheat pita bread with hummus and cottage cheese and a glass of strawberry banana orange juice, downed a multi-vitamin and on my way to the smelly gym. i treadmilled, skied, and lifted some semi-heavy stuff with my arms, legs, thighs and butt for about an hour and i actually feel fantabolous. energized and full of life. i think it’s the adrenaline running through my veins for the first time in an oh so long time. i guess it does make a difference. i’d rather go hiking, kayaking, snorkelling any day in replacement. but the concrete jungle that i live in doesn’t give me easy access to natural resources. so, on the treadmill i pretended i was hiking through yosemite. on the skies i was in aspen. and the heave lifting stuff well all i could think of was being in a movie taking place in a gym. i was training for the biggest fight of my life. eat your heart out Rocky Balboa. you know how they made The Next Karate Kid with a girl as the lead. well, i am The Next Rocky. give it up for… imagination. celebrate good times, c’mon. i’m high on adrenaline. watch out.


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