Brain Scans

i went to the doctor’s today. although i didn’t want to. let’s just say that i loathe the institution more than ever. it ends up i have to go see a neurologist to get my brain scanned. and some sort of seizure test thing where they stick needles in my scalp. yikes. that’s fucking scary. they also took 3 vials of blood today and a container of pee. i am not a happy camper. and because i fainted, my doctor has to notify the Department of Motor Vehicles. great. gee, doc anything else?

but on a exciting note. i am going on a mini road trip this weekend up to santa cruz with little random stops here and there. like hearst castle. on saturday night we have tickets for death cab for cutie. and then we drive back down in time for nada surf and sondre lerche on monday night. oooh, but this wednesday i’m going to the henry fonda theatre to see Royksopp. i’m excited. mi amiga scored me a free tic. yay!


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