Wanting to Be a Kid Again

i remember when my brother and sister and i were kids and going through the environmentally sound conservation stage. the three R’s – recycle, reduce and reuse. we took it to the extreme. in order to save water we would not flush the toilet until the end of the day. yeah, you can imagine how gross it got. we had this chart that we got at school during health week about how often we washed our hands after using the restroom posted right outside the downstairs bathroom. we reveled that our chart went unmarked for weeks. all for the sake of conserving water. we saved our pennies to buy chunks of the rainforest. we saved soda cans, milk cartons, newspapers and sold them by the pound to the recycle warehouse. we lived in the dark by dim candlelight. and one time almost caught the whole house on fire. we took old tuna cans and made jewelry boxes. old soup cans became pencil holders. a big ole empty cardboard wheat barrel became a form of transportation. or a way to test our nausea level. roll until someone throws up. we raked leaves for hours only to create a mountainous mound for us to jump into. carefree days. our enthusiasm to make a difference. our creative, boundless energies.

oh, to be a kid again.


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