Using Aliases in Clubs

dancing my ass off three nights straight certainly puts things into perspective. i love to dance. body language is a great language. conversations taking place without words. it’s such a beautiful thing.

so my theory on indie rock boys being more passive than the typical testosterone-seething, muscle headed, ass-grabbing, groin thinkers is totally shattered. indie rock boys can be just as aggressive. i know i shouldn’t group things, especially people, but i just can’t help it. i think it’s the exhilaration i get when things, people, places i believe i know, defy my expectations. my favorite pasttime is defying expectations. learn it, live it, love it. but what was so refreshing about the indie rock boys’ come-ons is the awkwardness in all of it. it wasn’t typical. it wasn’t expected. it was different. it was new. i love that.

does anybody else have a hard time using an alias in a bar/club? i find whenever i try to sputter out my fake name it comes across as a…i dunno…a lie. really badly told too. am i that readable? or am i just a terrible liar. i think it’s the latter. lying just ain’t my thing. or maybe i just need a really good name? any suggestions?

on other notes. i went on my first audition yesterday. it was for a hyundai commercial. what an awkward moment it was for me, the directors, and my fellow auditioners. why is it i always feel like a fish out of water? i go through life so clumsily. but i guess it makes for funny stories later. i’ll keep you posted on how that turns out. if i get it, which i’ve already deemed highly unlikely, i get to go to seattle for 3 days, all expense-paid. plus $1500 bucks. wouldn’t that be grand?


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