Passing Out in Club Bathrooms

i have this huge bump on the back of my head because i blacked out and hit my head on the bathroom floor of the echo. some sweet girl found me, managed to pick me up and sit me onto the toilet and wipe me down with cold paper towels. she then told me that i needed to be careful. one drunk to another. i told her i didn’t have anything to drink at all. she said that it was okay, that she understood. i kept telling her that i didn’t have anything to drink. and she kept reassuring me that it was okay. that i just needed to be careful. i felt like a total drunk in denial. like i had a problem. but i didn’t drink anything. it was probably my blood sugar level. passing out is so trippy. it’s like a waking dream. i’m sore all over. my butt, my elbow, my shoulder and my neck are all stiff and sore. and i can’t even remember what happened.

but rilo kiley was superb as always. except there was an absurd amount of super-tall people there. the bar did look sketchy. it’s probably in the water. oh, no. i drank the water. i didn’t get to see jake though. oh well.

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