Sexy Funny Men

oh my. it’s raining outside. i’ve miss the rain. although the rain here does not compare to the torrential monsoons of thailand. those come out of nowhere and pours hundreds of thousands of gallons down, left, right and even back up. rain does not just fall down in thailand. it goes every which way. and the thunder and lightening storms are under-the-covers scary.

my elbows are ashy. i’m retaining water. and i’m craving chocolates like an addiction. it’s chocolate week on the food network. yummy. i NEED some CHOCOLATE, dammit. damn the food network. it’s such a love/hate relationship.

i love conan o’brien. he’s so sexy funny. jimmy fallon is the guest tonight and he’s also sexy funny. it’s really hard to find sexy funny guys. and i’m not talking about funny guys who are sexy or sexy guys who are funny. it’s the sexiness of their funniness. hmmm.


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