Dream Journaling: T-Rex

i had this weird dream last night. i was living a quaint, cozy, carefree life in a quaint, cozy, carefree city by the sea oblivious to the dangerous terror looming nearby. the dangerous terror was in form of a ocean-dwelling T-Rex. yes, it was that huge, carnivorous dinosaur that all the other dinosaurs were afraid of. but it came out of the ocean. and even scarier, it could walk on water. it came from faraway. as it neared it created a huge shadow onto the town. terror was now looming right in front of us. everyone was frightened. people, who were just a second ago happy and carefree were now petrified with fear. afraid of this unknown that bursted their quaint, cozy, carefree lives. they started running every which way. mass pandemonium. the color of the dream changed to an ominous hue. i stopped in the midst of the hysteria and turned towards the ocean. i saw it coming.

flashback scene…a group of us were talking with a psychic about our futures. she spoke about something huge and beyond our control that was going to eat us alive. we laughed. i jokingly ask if there were any survivors. she paused eerily. and when she said no, we all stopped laughing.

i saw the T-Rex approaching the shore. i knew that it was in the stars for me to end up in his belly. all of a sudden, this calmness washed over me. i acknowledged my fate but i wasn’t about to accept it. i yelled out loud, “you’re going to have to catch me, if you want to eat me.” and i ran. i ended up in a room with the people who were in the flashback sequence. as if the premonition was about to come true. we decided that we were going to fight. that we weren’t going to make it easy for the T-Rex. there was this urgency to band together. insert cheesy unity circle scene and climactic music. the fear was dissipating and was being replaced by head-on ambition to fight and courage to survive. we wanted our quaint, cozy, carefree lives back. the T-Rex was over us. we look up. let the fight scene begin. fade to white.

maybe i did end up in his belly. that’s what the psychic predicted. or maybe i ended up in a better place. maybe it was a test of my courage and my strength and my willingness to fight for what i want and to not accept what is prescribed as my destiny. if quaint, cozy and carefree is what i want then i will not settle for anything less. or maybe this is all because i watch too much discovery channel.


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