Peace on the Beach

hey, who wants to take a train somewhere? what i mean is buy a ticket with a destination, say somewhere like new york. and just go. there’s something romantic and awe-inspiring about traveling cross-country by train. maybe because it’s reminiscent of simpler times. i’ve just spent an hour mapping routes on right now if you buy tickets before feb. 15 it’s buy one and a friend rides free. come on, lets’s go somewhere.

i would like everyone who reads this to go to the Peace On The Beach peace march taking place on February 15, 2003 in Santa Monica. i’ll still like you if you don’t go but i’ll like you even more if you do. i’ll treat you to ice cream afterwards. visit for more information.

oh, one other thing…did you know that you can leave me comments, sign my guestbook, and give me eprops. sometimes a girl needs to feel like she’s being loved. cardigans song playing in the background. for starters, if you want to go to the peace march next saturday then leave me a comment. or you can just leave me a funny joke. or suggest a train trip destination. i want to start a new project. a collection of dialogue. the fresh, distinct singular voices of a collective. so let’s start some seriously crazy dialogue banter. yippee. let your spirit soar.


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