Am I not old enough for cross-stitching yet?

i was swinging the remote control around in a flailing frenzy and smacked it into my other hand. the top of the remote had these crevices where the signal comes out of and it took out a chunk of skin. it hurt. it started to bleed. i looked at the top of the remote and stuck in the crevice was a piece of skin that used to be on my left hand. now, it was crumpled into a ball, stuck in the crevice of a remote. cool, huh.

i want to cross-stitch but the designs at michael’s are so P.T.A., mini-van driving, soccer mom-ish. not that there’s anything wrong with that. but it’s all butterflies, flowers, and for some odd reason, cats. lots of cat ones. i just want to stitch something that’ll be cool to functionally and fashionably display but not hung in some frame.

i have this dire urge to audition for a musical. at least once in my life, i’d like to walk down a street and have everyone spontaneously burst into song and dance. oooh, talk about dancing, i love those 80’s dance movies. “Footloose”, “Dirty Dancing”, “Flashdance”, “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun”. remember? back in the days when everything was solved by a dance-off. georgie w. should take heed and quickly get his dancing shoes on.

oh, i forgot to tell you about this amazing, amazing brownie sundae i had at han’s ice cream place. it was THE best i’ve ever had. the parlour is across the street from south coast plaza. the owner, hans, handmakes his ice-cream daily. he’s this sweet, delicate man who makes his ice-cream through a window for the world to see. and it’s so yummy. you got to try it.


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