Grad School Apps All In

so all my applications for school, jobs and whatnots are almost done. i ended up applying to ucla, usc, loyola marymount, syracuse, abc’s production associate program and trek america. i nixed columbia and the DGA training program. i only wanted to go to columbia because jake gyllenhaal went there but since he’s pursuing acting, i’ll have a better chance of seeing him again if i go to a rilo kiley show. just kidding about all the jake talk. i’m still in denial that he’s dating kirsten dunst. yippee. i am done. well, almost. just waiting on letters of rec.

so, now what? i just had this talk with ang about how depressing everything is at the moment. and how we need to just get over our fears and seize the moment. i ordered 3 books on today.
1 “The Bad Girl’s Guide to Getting What You Want” by Cameron Tuttle

2 “The Better World Handbook : From Good Intentions to Everyday Actions” by Ellis Jones

3 “Regeneration: Telling Stories from Our Twenties” by Jennifer Karlin

i really shouldn’t have but it was free shipping and i an $8 gift coupon credit thing for filling out surveys. so, i got 3 books for $26. that’s a deal.

the post office is the slowest place on earth. and i thought the “it’s a small world ride” at disneyland was slow. which used to be my favorite ride of all time. but now it’s the post office. that is being the slowest place on earth but not my favorite ride.

i don’t have everything figured out and it probably won’t be for awhile, so i mine as well have fun for now, right? yes. fun is always good. tricia is coming home on saturday. yippee. we’re going to go bowling in canada. just so that we can say that we’ve been bowling in canada. i swear, college diplomas should come with how-to instructions.

can anyone hear me scream? mmmm, i want to eat eggplant parmigiana from buca di beppo’s.


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