It’s Never Too Late to Go After Your Dreams

the sweetest thing was on oprah today. the title…”what should i do with my life?” stories of following your heart and not being afraid to defy expectations. there was this guy who graduated from law school and was practicing law in d.c. and at 30 years old he was unhappy so he decided to open up a bakery. he loved to bake cakes so he took out loans, disappointed a lot of people (at first) and began all over again. and now he has a very successful bakery called cakelove in d.c. another woman who was an orthopedic surgeon decided to leave the safety net of her doctor’s salary to design fashionable yet practical shoes. and now her taryn rose shoes are sold in department stores across the country. wow. now that’s oprah.

oooh, guess what? we saw coldplay yesterday at a live taping of the jimmy kimmel show. coldplay was awesome as ever but the crowd was way too testosterone for the likes of me. i later found out jimmy kimmel used to be on the man show. oh and i saw adam corolla in the alley and he was staring at my pizza. but ang and i didn’t give him the satisfaction of recognizing him. chauvinistic bastard. yeah, the crowd was getting antsy from waiting around too long so the cops brought out the riot gear. at a coldplay show for goodness sake. we also ran into george clooney in the alley as he was getting into his car. we weren’t a bit fazed. we were on the hunt for chris martin. george is a lot shorter than he appears on television and a lot more wrinklier. but he was cool cuz he stopped to talk to some fans before getting into his car. we missed coldplay cuz security distracted us as they made the getaway. oh, well. there’s always brianna’s birthday.


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