Professional Party Planner?

i think i want to be a professional party planner. ever since i’ve used evite for my birthday parties, all i can do is think in an evite frame of mind. i walk around seeing colored dots over people’s heads. not yet replied, maybe, yes or no. green, red, blue, and grey dots. are you coming to my god damn party or not? anyways, i’ve been concocting reasons to have a party just so that i can use evite. check it out everyone… the coolest invention to hit cyberspace. i need help…evite anonymous.

i’ve been craving a brownie sundae since yesterday and i still haven’t gotten one. mickey d’s has a pretty yummy version. how they get their brownies like that i’ll never question, cuz most likely…i don’t think i want to know.

i’ve tried many different weblogs and i haven’t liked one enough to keep writing in it. so, why not try another. my fickle state of mind. it’s another outlet to hone in on the craft. i am the consonants. i am the vowels. i am the pen. i am the paper. in this case, i am the millions of pixels.

let’s see…sins committed today…woke up at noon (sloth), had three bowls of lucky charms (gluttony), threw a pillow at the tv when jake and kirsten were on entertainment tonight (i guess this counts as three – envy, wrath, and lust), making this weblog (pride), and buying a lotto ticket (greed). wow.

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